Memorial Service held for slain doctor
February 4, 2005
Memorial Service held for slain doctor

in Jamaica

Three weeks after his brutal slaying relatives and friends of the late Dr. Ken Nanton are still fighting to come to grips with his death.

A somber atmosphere hovered over the University of the West Indies (UWI) Chapel last Saturday morning where a memorial service was held to celebrate the doctor’s life. {{more}}

There was much to celebrate especially when pictures reminiscing happier times of his life were telecast. The slide show highlighted clips of his childhood in St.Vincent and the Grenadines where he originated, while he was a student of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Grammar School, his courtship with wife Dr. Andrea Nanton during their university years at UWI, his marriage and graduating class of 99.

However, this was not sufficient to curtail the outpouring of grief by loved ones who felt they were cheated when a gunman snatched the 29-year-old doctor’s life on January 13.

The footage painted a picture of a young man with a very bright future but the clip of his funeral in his homeland brought tears that instantly washed the smiles away.

“As head of department in which he was, Ken exemplified some of the best qualities of a medical professional. He was intelligent, ambitious, certainly someone with a bright future,” were the words of a tribute from the Accident & Emergency Department, University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

Chancellor Hall, Jamaica Emergency Medicine Association and Beechwood Assembly also conveyed condolences. But one tribute that will be remembered for a very long time was that of the UWI Medical Class of 1999.While the tribute was being read, several doctors stood, wishing Dr.Nanton’s murder was just a bad dream that would go away.

The fact that he was not there painfully struck his colleagues and friends that he was gone. Marilyn Nanton, sister of the late doctor, delivering a tribute on behalf of her family, challenged the congregation to be strong.

“He was a flower cut down but he has completed his mission. As much as we say we love Ken, I challenge you today to be strong because not even the bullet of the gun will separate us from Ken. Don’t lose faith, keep the faith,” Marilyn emphasized.

Friends at the memorial service expressed that Dr. Nanton will be remembered as a brother, student, doctor, friend, handyman and an artist who has left several beautiful paintings behind.

Dr. Nanton, was reportedly with a nurse who is stationed at the UHWI when he was shot and killed about 11:00 p.m. on Thursday January 13 on Skyline Drive in Jacks Hill, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

The doctor, was robbed of a pendant, a wallet containing an undetermined sum of money and a cell phone valued at JA$10,000. He was relieved of the items before being ordered out of the vehicle.

He had reportedly attempted to drive from the scene when the lone gunman opened fire hitting him in the left armpit, right side, breast, back of the left shoulder and twice in the region of the upper right arm. Sergeant Vevento Hutchinson of the Papine Police Station said his female companion escaped without injury.