‘Take back the streets!’
January 21, 2005

‘Take back the streets!’

CASTRIES, St. Lucia: As the issue of crime continues to be uppermost in the minds of the people of St. Lucia, the country’s Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony is calling on the nation’s peace keepers to take back the streets by increasing their presence on the country’s streets.{{more}}

According to Prime Minister Anthony, notwithstanding the development taking place in the country, no significant stride would be made in the fight against crime, unless the police force rids itself of corrupt officers. Anthony noted that there is still a largely-disappointed public waiting to be persuaded to trust the police.

“I know that the vast majority of our police officers are trying very hard. They want us to trust them and believe in them. They need our confidence and support. But let me make one thing clear. We cannot ever eliminate crime altogether. Crime can only be reduced and controlled. That is why this New Year, we will continue what has begun, but we will also take new steps”, Anthony said pointing out that, his government would introduce new legislation in Parliament early this year, jointly with other OECS countries.