January 14, 2005
Treats for Sunny Vale school

Over the holiday season, children at the Sunny Vale Primary School (located behind the Victoria Park) got special treatment compliments Digicel.

The telecommunications company treated the kids to a special day of eats and presents during a Christmas party.{{more}}

Principal at Sunny Vale, Hyacinth Sutherland, said that she is very happy that Digicel was able to give the children “this special treat”. She said the children enjoyed the party and came out in their numbers although school was already on vacation.

Playing Santa Claus, Assistant Superintendent of Police Artis Davis distributed a number of gifts while students did a number of musical performances to entertain the gathering.

Marketing Executive at Digicel Juno DeRoche said Digicel’s Social Club, coupled with the Marketing Department, chose to give Sunny Vale the Christmas party because of the unique nature of the institution.

“We wanted to do something special for these kids,” said DeRoche who added, “We wanted to bring the Christmas concept to them and make them feel special and remembered.”

Meanwhile, the Digicel Group has announced that it will donate US$100,000 to the tsunami relief in Asia. The company has also created a mechanism for their customers to be able to make donations through mobile phone texting. Digicel customers can donate by texting “FUND” on their mobile phones to the number 3863, thereby deducting EC$2 credit from their Digicel accounts which will go towards the relief efforts.

“As residents of island nations, we at Digicel are familiar with the destruction that can be caused by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Ivan which struck our homes this September,” said Raoul Fontanez, CEO of the Digicel Group.

“We pledge our support to the victims of the Asian tsunami and are committed to helping them recover and rebuild the communities that have been damaged,” Fontanez added.