Heritage Club stays alive
January 7, 2005
Heritage Club stays alive

Mandella Campbell, a first-year student at the St. Vincent Community College, is set to head the institution’s Heritage Club as its eighth president.

Campbell was on Wednesday, December 8, elected vice-president in an election that is structured in a way that guarantees succession to the presidency in the succeeding year.{{more}}

A release from the Club says the new vice-president and her newly elected committee will take on the mantle of management of the Club almost immediately to allow second-year students to focus on their final exams. Campbell automatically becomes president in 2005.

The Heritage Club was formed in 1997 with SEARCHLIGHT reporter Hawkins Nanton as its first president. The Club aims to sensitize students to the importance of history and has undertaken visits to several historical sites both locally and regionally.

Other members elected were Keizah Lynch as assistant secretary, Cheake Findlay, assistant treasurer and Michelle Davidson, assistant public relations officer.

Founder of the Heritage Club is history lecturer at the college, Decima Alexander-Hamilton, who still works along with the students.