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Family left roofless

Family left roofless

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While most Vincentians spent the Christmas holidays with a roof above their heads a family at Junction, an area between Enhams and Diamond, was not so fortunate.

On December 14 a prominent lawyer had a bailiff evict the family of six from the home. {{more}}One day later the house roof was also removed.

A judge has ordered the lawyer to restore the roof of the house but to date that roof has not been replaced.

While the eviction process was carried out, a hearing to set aside a default judgement was before the High Court, slated for January 2005.

Information reveals that both the lawyer who had the family evicted and the latter are laying claim to the property.

A member of the family who claimed he was sleeping in one of the rooms at the time of the eviction order, was carried out, said that members of the Special Service Unit threatened to shoot him during the eviction operation.

“The bailiff was the one that asked the SSU not to shoot me,” the young man said.

Both contending parties – the lawyer and the family – are expected to appear in court on January 13 for a hearing.