December 23, 2004
Stevedores in for severance pay

Stevedores working for the Geestline may be in for a joyous Christmas this year.

That all depends on how soon negotiations for severance payments owed to them are completed. {{more}}

But General Secretary of the National Workers Movement (NWM) Noel Jackson is confident that Corea’s and Co. 1988 Ltd, agents for the British shipping company Geest, would keep their word and pay about 51 workers, who have between two to 36 years experience on the job.

Matters ground to a climax last Monday when members of the NWM stepped up industrial action at the Port, and according to Jackson, “The commitment was genuine on the issue that had been lingering.” The NWM sought clarification on the status of the workers six weeks ago but changing patterns of trade by the shipping company forced the industrial situation to a new level.

Frankie Young, managing director at Coreas’ Co 1988 Ltd, agreed that the new arrangements caused loss of earnings for some workers and that the unions would have to reemploy them.