Congresswoman: Reach out to Bush
December 10, 2004
Congresswoman: Reach out to Bush

Caribbean leaders have to get on to US President George Bush very soon, or they might not be able to exert any influence on him whatsoever.

This advice came from visiting US Virgin Islands Congresswoman Donna Christensen as she addressed the ULP’s 11th Convention Sunday. {{more}}

“We surely find ourselves at the crest of a wave, and the cost of potentially monumental change and it is critical that we seize this time to manage it for our benefit,” she pointed out.

She also referred to the imbalance in relations between the Caribbean and the USA and suggested the solution is a meeting of Caribbean leaders with the US president at the White House.

“It should take place with all of the leaders of Caricom, and the sooner the better,” she declared.

Referring to the newly reelected government of the United States of America, Christensen declared: “This administration shows signs of a fast moving wave and unless we catch it at the crest it may go out to sea without us. I believe that every attempt ought to be made to set the context to get a sense of what one is going to be up against, so as to better develop a strategy of what we are going up against.”