VIP party on the Rock
December 3, 2004

VIP party on the Rock

Kendra Rock is bubbling with excitement.

Why? She just won the first draw in the the St. Vincent Brewery’s “Call for a Guinness” promotion which gives her a VIP party with ten friends at tomorrow’s “Fair of the Year” show. {{more}}The show is being put on by Splectron Promotions at the Victoria Park.

Vance Garraway, sales representative at the St. Vincent Brewery, brought Rock to the offices of SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday. Rock, who is a shop keeper (No. 34 shop in China Town) said that she gathered the Guinness corks when persons threw them away.

In order to enter the promotion, interested persons are asked to place six crowns in an envelope along with their name, number and address and put them in specially marked boxes at any Brewery outlet. The draw was done by Garraway on Wednesday, and Rock’s was the lucky name pulled from the box of over 400 entries. She revealed that she still has four more entries in the running for the other prizes.

“This is the first time I ever won anything,” said the overly excited shopkeeper. “I don’t drink but I going to drink for sure Saturday night,” she said after revealing that she would be bringing her four sisters along with other family members to the VIP booth.

“This is my night and I’m going to enjoy it,” she beamed.

Garraway said that there are still about four more draws to be made during the Brewery’s “Call for a Guinness” promotion, which ends on December 31.