De Anjay, a local quality product
December 3, 2004
De Anjay, a local quality product

Daniel Cummings has been regarded as one of the nation’s most efficient chief executive officers until he parted company with the Central Water and Sewerage Authority recently. {{more}}

But that development has tossed him fully into an activity that he had been doing part-time as the founder of Tropical Nature Products which, as the name implies, unveils a variety of creative items.

However, the specialty is wines, and De Anjay Wines, which they produce, are gradually becoming a symbol of this country’s prestige.

Cummings has now embarked on a campaign to promote his business with a crusade that took a giant leap last Tuesday with the launching of television advertisements.

The promotions feature Vincen-tian superstar Kevin Lyttle, a relative of Cummings’ family network.

Cummings, a long time wine connoisseur, began operations in 1994. However, he commenced commercial business with Tropical Nature Products in 1997.

His aim is to enhance the quality of his products and to embark on a massive marketing strategy.

Cummings enhanced that drive with a programme at Roy’s Inn last Tuesday. Supported by lawyer Errol Layne, manager of Coreas Hazells Inc. Jimmy Forde, consultant Colin Ash, and Janice Lyttle, Kevin’s mother, Cummings intensified his crusade.

He hopes that every Vincentian household has a sample of De Anjay wines for the season.

Cummings praised the Small Enterprises Development Unit (SEDU) for their support. He boasted of the international appeal of his products, and with the renewed thrust Cummings is satisfied that the product will capture the imagination of the Vincentian public.

Layne, Forde, Lyttle and Ash added their commendations to Cummings and his stock.

Cummings boasted of his products as “the wave of the future” and special packages are available for the discerning public appeal.