December 3, 2004

Adult Education Unit launches programme

The Adult Education Unit is preparing to launch a Literacy Crusade early in the new year.

As part of these preparations, the Unit held a retreat Thursday, November 11, 2004, at the Oasis in Argyle for participants who included members of the ministerial committee for adult education among other stakeholders. {{more}}Recom-mendations were made for a work plan to implement the programmes, the establishment of districts or zones, public awareness and the sensitization phase of the crusade.

The Unit will hold a series of consultations with different sectors of the community with the aim of soliciting their assistance. On Tuesday 7th, the Unit will meet popular disc jockeys and radio personalities; on Wednesday 8th, with church leaders; and on Thursday 9th it will be the turn of the private sector and the trade unions.

On Friday 10th it will be the turn of the National Youth Council and community organizations. All these meetings will take place at the Youth Department Office at Rose Place. Meanwhile, separate meetings will be held with the print media and executives of various sporting disciplines.