ULP women urged to get connected
November 12, 2004
ULP women urged to get connected

The information technology is real and in motion and more persons have to use them. Jamaican parliamentarian Sharon Haywebster urged members of the ULP Women’s Arm to “log on” when she addressed them.

She made the observation as she delved into aspects of women’s concern at the session. The conference was staged under theme, “Women: the centre of dynamism, on the verge of yet another explosion”.{{more}}

Haywebster was in tune with the event, even though the sojourn away from her homeland served as a source of relaxation for her. She was in typical working mood in her delivery, pumped by the energy generated from the gathering.

She noted the importance of communication, and the need to have quality education.

But she stressed the need for people to keep refreshing their educational base.

“We have to be doing some serious refurbishment,” Haywebster pointed out.

Whatever adjustments there are as a result of global developments, Haywebster noted that, “We have to cope.” She urged that the challenge was to “look for where our niche is”.

She defined music, entertainment, and natural assets, as platforms.

“How are we ensuring that we use our niche and fit into the international market place?” she asked.

She stressed the importance of the Internet, but questioned: “Where are our web pages? To ensure that our young people can have access outside of our own borders, can earn money online.”