Daniel wins Rotary Rav 4
October 29, 2004
Daniel wins Rotary Rav 4

One of three raffle tickets bought by Lowmans Windward farmer Japhette Daniel was pulled from a box and as a result he is currently driving a Toyota Rav 4.

Daniel is the first winner in the Rotary Club South Mega Raffle, which now offers the chance for someone to win a Toyota Escudo. The Escudo draw will be held on January 15, 2005.{{more}}

Daniel collected the keys for the vehicle from President of the Rotary Club South Garfield Williams last week Tuesday at Beachcombers in Villa. Williams has asked Daniel to sport the Rotary logo on the jeep for a one-year period.

Daniel said that he is very happy that he won the vehicle and has no intentions of selling the jeep.

“This is the first thing I ever won,” he said with a smile.