Caribbean visionary dies
October 29, 2004
Caribbean visionary dies

Two years ago, Jany Williams camped out at Girls Guides Headquarters with members of Caribbean Vizion.

This is a group lobbying for cultural and economic cooperation between Caribbean peoples and their governments.{{more}}

The Vincentian sojourn was a major part of their campaign involving visits to schools, and endorsement of education as an avenue to cultural and economic enhancement.

Jany was possessed with a desire to accomplish her dream and was moving headlong in that direction. Her efforts came to a sad end last Sunday in her homeland St. Lucia. She was returning from a meeting with musicians where plans were discussed for the staging of a concert to raise money for victims of Hurricane Ivan’s fury.

Williams was driving a car with five other members of the group when it went over a 300 foot precipice in an area between Anse La Raye and Canaries, on the outskirts of capital city Castries. According to St. Lucian journalist Earl Bousquet, all the persons were thrown out of the vehicle. Williams was the only casualty, however.

Kurt Allen, a former Trinidad and Tobago Soca Monarch, was nursing injuries suffered in the crash. Other persons were also recovering from the mishap. The St. Lucian nation and indeed the wider Caribbean circle were thrown into shock with Williams’ death.

She had added to her prestige when she took the 2004 Calypso Monarch title.

Williams, aged 26, was a teacher who commanded the respect of students, adults and cultural enthusiasts.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, as well as the Ministry of Finance and Planning worked along with Caribbean Vizion in the fulfillment of their ambition.

And the Vincentian civilisation has also expressed its condolences on the passing of the Caribbean daughter.