Brackin gets four year scholarship
October 29, 2004
Brackin gets four year scholarship

Next January, Kemara Brackin, a Girls’ High School art teacher, begins a four-year scholarship.

Brackin, from the area of Glen on the south-east coast of mainland St. Vincent, has been something of a pioneer in the art circles. {{more}} Two years ago, she gained a distinction in Art and Design at the Community College. Her training will see her through the Savannah College of Arts and Designs in Georgia, United States.

The former Kingstown Preparatory and Girls’ High School student combines painting, collage and stenciling to produce exquisite pieces of work. One such creation has been made part of the nation’s reservoir of art through Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne’s penchant for such collections.

Not surprisingly, Brackin was among a gathering of art enthusiasts at Government House to witness a display of art last Saturday, October 16.