October 29, 2004
AT&T helps employees

AT&T Wireless Caribbean says it has been lending assistance to the relief effort in hurricane-ravaged Grenada.

The company says it began its efforts in response to the crisis on Friday, September 10th, two days after Ivan wreaked havoc on the island’s physical, energy and water resources. AT&T Wireless says it dispatched the first of two planes containing food, water, clothing, and other supplies to Grenada on that day, along with a team that worked feverishly to restore wireless phone service.{{more}}

Since then, AT&T Wireless has set up a day-care facility for employees’ children, supplying both the space for the facility and the services of a day-care provider.

AT&T Wireless also reports it has offered postpaid customers a one-month credit of their service on their September invoice. On the other hand, prepaid customers may receive a credit of EC$50 by visiting an AT&T Wireless store on or before Thursday, September 30th.

The company’s efforts are being met with a positive response from employees, among them Anne Marie Mitchell and Cherry Ann Murray, who are among the thousands of Grenadians coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Murray, who lost nearly all her belongings in the hurricane, says her house is severely damaged.

“My roof came off completely and all the windows were smashed, but my employer has virtually come to my rescue,” Murray said. “AT&T Wireless provided an apartment for my family to live in, and this is a great help because I have a three-month-old as well as a three-year-old daughter. In the midst of all this, I count myself blessed.”

Murray added, “AT&T Wireless has really been good. All the staff has been given water and relief supplies like canned food and diapers where needed. Randy Burns (regional director for AT&T Wireless Caribbean and the person responsible for development of the day-care centre) left his vacation to come to Grenada. The company has gone a long way towards helping staff to balance their family obligations with their work.”

Mitchell agreed. She is one of the fortunate Grenadians whose house is still standing. However, this means that she is housing many others in the neighbourhood who are not as fortunate. She appreciates AT&T Wireless’ assistance with food.

“AT&T Wireless has helped me a great deal,” Mitchell said. “There are now many more mouths to feed in my house so the canned foods and water are needed.

“My co-workers have also been an inspiration,” Mitchell added. “Because of the assistance from our employer, we are able to have a more cheerful perspective than some others and we have been encouraging each other and pulling together to give that extra boost to the morale.”

Stephanie Bariault, vice president for AT&T Wireless Caribbean Services, emphasized that AT&T Wireless will continue to stand behind its employees and the people of Grenada in their time of need.

“We are committed to the well-being of our employees and plan to continue helping them and the people of Grenada in various ways…”

In addition to the aforementioned efforts, AT&T Wireless has donated wireless phones to various organizations involved in relief efforts, including the National Emergency Relief Organization. The company has also temporarily reduced the prices on wireless phones to as little as EC$29.