NIPI, Tourism attend Profit
October 15, 2004
NIPI, Tourism attend Profit

Two officials from The National Investment Promotions Incorporated (NIPI) recently attended Profit, the first of a series of partnership meetings organized by the Pro Invest programme.

Suzanne Joachim – Executive Director and Cleo Jones, Marketing Officer represented NIPI at Profit which is an acronym for the Partnership Roles and Opportunities For Investors in Tourism, while Camille Soleyn, Product Development Officer, represented the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. {{more}}

The main objective of Profit in the Caribbean is to promote partnership and investment opportunities in the tourism industry sector by bringing together enterprises from the Caribbean and Europe.

Marketing Officer of NIPI – Cleo Jones says that St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ participation in the meeting was intended to continue to build the image of St.Vincent and the Grenadines as an investment location, to find partners for the local tourism development projects and to network with the service providers and consultants in the tourism industry.

Among the Vincentian projects promoted at the event were the Airport Development Project, The National Stadium Development Project, The Bucama Development Project, The Walliabou Development Project where the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, The Smart Ships Project and Oasis.

The organizers of the event announced that “Over 100 quality Caribbean projects were screened and selected to participate in the PROFIT Partnership meeting and there was an excellent response from European companies looking for potential partnership and investment opportunities”. In total, Profit saw a total of 317 registered investors, project promoters and Investment Promotions Agencies (IPAs) including the NIPI.