Vincy Police lend hand to Grenada
October 8, 2004
Vincy Police lend hand to Grenada

Grenada’s Police Officers have received a helping hand from their closest Windward Islands neighbour. Vincentian Commissioner of Police William Harry last Sunday handed over a package to Grenadian Commissioner of Police Fitzroy Bedeau worth $16,000 and which consisted of food supplies, medication and bottled water. {{more}}

The supplies were transported on the Coast Guard vessel Hugh Mulzac captained by Lieutenant Commander Tyrone James who was also chairman of the Committee which organised the relief effort.

Commander of the Coast Guard David Robin, Assistant Superintendent of Police Norris Ryan in charge of the Special Services Unit, and Inspector Jonathan Nicholls also journeyed to Grenada.

For Commissioner Bedeau, his Vincentian counterpart had been “a friend and brother.” The supplies, he said, would help to “sustain the Police.”

The Grenadian COP praised the solidarity of his Vincentian colleagues, and underlined their role in the Regional Security Services (RSS) in restoring the situation in Grenada to pre-Ivan status as he pointed out that looting had ceased.

Nine Special Services Unit (SSU) officers replaced ten colleagues who had been in Grenada since September 9.

In response to a question from a Vincentian journalist about reports of wrong doing by Police Officers, Commissioner Bedeau assured that Police officers breaking the law would be dealt with. The Grenadian COP however refused comment on allegations that security officers were exchanging relief supplies for sex. He also said “no women reported rape or sexual harassment.”