October 8, 2004
Powell pledges help for Grenada

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has told the hurricane-hit island of Grenada there is help on the way.

Some have complained of a lack of support from the US, but during a visit to Grenada, Powell said it would share in $100m of aid. {{more}}

US President George Bush has asked Congress for that amount to help Caribbean countries hit by a series of hurricanes in recent months.

Grenada has put its losses from Hurricane Ivan at $900m

At least 37 people were killed on

powerful hurricane of the season – hit the island a month ago.

Powell arrived at Point Salines airport on Wednesday, where the terminal’s roof was still torn, and met Prime Minister Keith Mitchell before going on to tour the island.

“President Bush wanted me to come and say to the government and people of Grenada that the United States is standing with you during this difficult time,” Powell said.

He said the US had already sent $1m in emergency relief, and a further $3.6m was on its way as he spoke.

Recovery is expected to take many years, as the island’s main cash crop, nutmeg, was ruined and will take between five and 10 years to reach maturity again.

Some Grenadians say the US, which invaded the island in 1983 following a infighting among PRG leaders, should do more.

Hopeton Antoine, 35, who has been sleeping in his car since the hurricane struck, told the Associated Press news agency: “I think the United States government could play a greater role. They need to help in the provision of homes.”