Businesses hit hard in Grenada
October 8, 2004
Businesses hit hard in Grenada

Businessmen are still counting their losses on Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique following the passage of Hurricane Ivan. The rebuilding process is continuing, but it will be a long process. A break down in law and order soon after the hurricane saw an outbreak of looting. One businessman, Edwin DeCaul, of Vincentian origin highlighted the plight of business people in the Spice Isle. {{more}}

DeCaul born in Quarry in Kingstown, has been living in Grenada since 1961. He put his losses from the looting to millions of dollars. A clothing factory with goods for export was cleaned out. The looters removed ten computers and a server from his premises. And Decaul pointed out: “What they could not remove, they smashed.”

There have been bizarre stories of the looting, including an incident where a vehicle came with dogs, which were unleashed on the looters. The dogs’ owners subsequently carried on the looting all by themselves thereafter.

But the business houses seem likely to suffer most; for although their properties were insured, Decaul expressed concern about how much the insurance companies would pay.

Decaul was harsh in his criticism of the security forces in the aftermath of the disaster. He was pleased with the actions of some police officers and reported that some officers looted.

He mentioned that other businessmen knew where some of the things looted were, but he was disappointed with the level of security, which obtained.