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Churches coming together for Grenada

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A combined force of churches and non-government organisations is calling our nation to come together in concert for Grenaada.

What the organising committee of Gospel Aid is aiming at, is to bond the community together at Victoria Park, in an evening of gospel culture, to have a representative of the Grenada rehabilitation community present in person with us, to have live radio feedback during the concert and in this way to concentrate civic compassion into a pool, and ongoing channel of people to people care. {{more}}

In the story which we should read in Luke Chapter 10, especially verses 33-35, the neighbour was not known by his religion or his status, nor was the neighbour someone who merely put some bandages over a wound. The organisers of Gospel Aid are calling our Vincentian people to be an empowering neighbour to our Grenada sisters and brothers.

Gospel Aid, first put forward by the Methodist Church, is now open property of the church – the Christian Council, the Evangelicals, the Youth For Christ, the Baptists and Seventh Day Adventists. The non-government organisations like Projects Promotion Limited, VINSAVE, the National Youth Council, Red Cross, NCW and others also share leadership in this movement, and the media have joined the effort. Gospel Aid includes you and me.

This grand concert is to take place at Victoria Park on 9th October 2004. It will last from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the beloved artistes of gospel culture will all be there in concert. Tickets are on sale and the contribution is $10.

Grenada must feel the impact of Gospel Aid one month after Ivan.