Airport soon to be more secure
October 1, 2004
Airport soon to be more secure

Construction works currently going on at the ET Joshua Airport are geared towards bringing security at the airfield up to international standards.

Speaking to SEARCHLIHT last Wednesday, an airport official said that the work is being financed under the World Bank Emergency Recovery Project. {{more}}

Much needed work being done on the fencing is expected to take it up to required worldwide standards. A perimeter road is also being built so that security personnel can have easy access to the airstrip if the fence is breached among other things. A small gutter (swill) is also being built.

The new measures are also expected to help with incidents like that of Wednesday June 30 when a Trans Island Air twin Otter aircraft ran off the airstrip and crashed into the fence in the vicinity of the nearby Sunrise (C.K. Greaves) Supermarket car park. The aircraft had onboard Peter Perreira, a Barbadian pilot with twenty years’ experience and the first officer and an engineer. Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident.