September 24, 2004
Second Government consultation held in Owia

The second meeting in the series of Local Government Consultations was held at the Owia Government School last night, Tuesday 21, 2004.
To open the discussion, Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Owen Cuffy, said the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has pledged to reintroduce local government throughout the state. {{more}}
Mr. Cuffy said St Vincent had a system of local government comprised of town boards, village and district councils elected to represent the interest of people at community level. But within the period of 1972 and 1974 the elected elements in those agencies were abolished.
The Chairman said in April 2002, Parliament passed a resolution mandating the Executive to seek the views of the people as to the form that local government should take.
Some of the concerns of the villagers are that there is need for an ambulance to be stationed north of the Dry River; Residents must have equal opportunity to jobs regardless of political affiliation. And local government should solve the problems of late payment of workers and to eliminate the unnecessary need to travel several times to the Treasury Department and to find that payments are not yet ready.
The Consultations continue in different communities.