September 24, 2004
PMDS to help restructure system

The process of modernising the Civil Service would see the introduction of a reclassification and restructuring system.
The Performance Management Development System (PMDS) programme is a part of this process. This was disclosed by Minister of National Security Sir Vincent Beache, while speaking at the opening of the Public Service exhibition last Friday. {{more}}
The (PMDS) Performance Management Development System is a structure that would be put in place where officers in the service would be paid according to their work performance.
Minister Beache said that over the years, Government has been trying to get PMDS on stream but they have however been met with difficulties. He however said that PMDS is being reorganized so that they could begin to pilot ministries or departments.
He went on to say that performance these days would have to be more scientific, therefore pay would be based on performance. He noted that increments would no longer be automatic and that officers would have to perform to get increments.
He also said that the structures of the departments or ministries would change. The Public Sector Reform Unit is spearheading the PMDS introduction.