New Chief Executive for Cable & Wireless
September 24, 2004
New Chief Executive for Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless now has a new Chief Executive in place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Daryl Jackson, whose imminent appointment had been announced earlier, took up duties here September 13.
The Antiguan national was formerly Cable & Wireless’ Vice-President, Mobile in Antigua. {{more}}
A release from the company issued here Wednesday says Jackson “recalls the excitement of being on the first team of telecoms engineers to break ground in Antigua in 1995 for Cable & Wireless to become the region’s first Internet Service Provider.” Jackson is quoted as saying that the company ” “followed through quickly in the other islands. Cable & Wireless has since led the growth of Internet and kept pace with offerings of world-class, value-packed Internet and Data products and services for the Caribbean market”.
Mobile services in Antigua have most recently benefited from Jackson’s leadership, from his project management skills, his business experience and his strong foundation in the management of telecommunications networks.
According to the release, the new Chief Executive believes in the power of people to make a difference and it is here that he “wants to be significant in the sustained development of people through superior business performance and growth” he says.
The release says Jackson is proud not only of public acknowledgment of Cable & Wireless’ continuity of service throughout and its corporate response to the ravages of Hurricane Ivan on Grenada by way of assisting agencies, by moving persons between islands to access medical attention, by providing equipment and supplies but also of “the ease with which staff members in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and around the region mobilized quickly to donate and to volunteer.”
He added that three staff volunteers from Cable & Wireless St. Vincent and the Greandines left Wednesday for Grenada to join Cable & Wireless counterparts from around the region to help maintain service levels on that island.” The company anticipates that these and other forms of volunteerism will continue for as long as necessary.
On the competitive telecommunications environment in the Caribbean, Jackson said: “We have had competition in mobile in the Caribbean since 1999. In some sub-markets, including St. Vincent, competition has entered only within the last 18 months. We have seen the effects of competition; we have been able to respond in effective ways. What is clear is that customers love to have choices but, at the end of the day, the company that provides the best service will be successful”.
Daryl, who is married to Andrea and is father to two, thinks that he “just might take on a new sport or leisure activity during his time here”.
The release says that Jackson will continue distance running as he has in recent years, intends to enjoy the islands of St. Vincent, and is keen to continue road work in preparation for his next marathon later this year in the United States.