September 24, 2004
Lions assist Grenada

Over 30 Lions and Leos journeyed to Grenada last weekend with needed supplies for their Lionistic colleagues, and engaged in various rehabilitative projects while in Grenada. {{more}}
The mission was led by the zone chairman with responsibility for Lions and Leo Clubs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, Lion Isaac Solomon, vice district governor for District 60B, Lion Beverly Reddock and chairman of Region 3, St. Lucian Lion Thomas Ambrose.
The mission, which realized a total value of goods in excess of $65,000, was made possible by LIAT (1974) Ltd., the kind-heartedness of the local business community and other community spirited Vincentians.
The mission included a team of medical personnel, builders, counsellors and labourers.
Chairman of Zone 3C, Lion Isaac Solomon, expressed the view that the Lions and Leos were compelled to undertake this mission in order to fulfill their commitment to the ideals of Lionism. He said the disaster in Grenada provided an opportunity for a practical demonstration of the Lions’ motto “We serve”. Lion Isaac opined that this act of kindness displayed by the Lions and Leos in particular, and Vincentians in general, is one of the greatest gifts to humanity in times of crisis.
Meanwhile Lion Beverly Reddock, vice district governor for District 60B has confirmed that the efforts of Lions/Leos in St. Vincent are likely to be the first phase of ongoing assistance to Grenada. She indicated that support has already been pledged by district governor, 60B, Lion Milton Pinnock and that an approach will be made to Lions International for further assistance.