September 24, 2004
C&W sends Grenada US$1m

Telecommunications giant Cable & Wireless announced Tuesday, September 21, that it has established a new relief fund to help victims of Hurricane Ivan with an initial
US$1 million contribution to kick-start this initiative. {{more}}
Cable & Wireless says its employees around the world have asked how they can help and are being invited to make additional private donations to the fund. Monies collected, the company says, will be used to support efforts to provide relief to those most affected and to rebuild local communities in Grenada, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands where Cable & Wireless employees live and work.
The company has also announced that it will work with relief agencies and local authorities in each country to ensure that the money is channeled directly into support and reconstruction work with the communities, which need it most. This, it says, will complement the company’s ongoing work to provide urgent supplies; telecom equipment and expert help in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane as it continues to bring in vital supplies and expertise.
“Chief Executive Officer of Cable & Wireless Francesco Caio said, “our colleagues in Grenada, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the other businesses involved in the recovery work are making extraordinary efforts and contributing enormously to the recovery of their communities. Cable & Wireless wants to provide all the practical support we can.”