School children get overseas help
September 17, 2004
School children get overseas help

A number of Vincentian students will start their new school year with school supplies received through the generosity of Jamaican-born medical doctor Kaye Huey.
Dr. Huey visited St. Vincent in July this year. At that time, the idea to assist children with supplies dawned on her. When she returned to New York where she works and resides, Huey fulfilled her extra mission of getting the donations. {{more}}
The package includes books, pencils, sharpeners, pens, erasers, crayons, bags and rulers. She attributed the response to the Vincentian community in New York whom she contacted to raise the money to buy the gifts. She also praised Standard Shippers who accepted half of the price to ship 18 barrels to SVG.
Huey showed humility at the presentation ceremony held at the Girl Guides Headquarters last Monday morning. A number of teachers and principals were on hand to pick up their schools’ supplies.
Education Minister Mike Browne, Permanent Secretary Laura Browne and Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan were also on hand and had nothing but commendations for Huey’s efforts.