Park Hill man slapped with murder charge
September 17, 2004
Park Hill man slapped with murder charge

Marlon Young a 36-year-old man of Park Hill is now behind bars after being taken before the Serious Offences Court charged with the murder of his common-law-wife. And the daughter of both victim, Suzette Martin and the accused says she did not like her father. {{more}}
The 11-year-old, Sue-Ann, says one of the clearest memories of her father was when he struck her in the face when she was much younger causing her nose to bleed.
“I use to tell mommy to stop he from coming here,” Sue-Anne said from the home of her grandmother last Sunday.
“He tell me he ain’t like me only my little brother Kevon,” said the distraught little girl who revealed that her father had promised to strike her again this time he had said she would bleed not only from her nose but through her mouth and ears as well. “He never like me,” said Sue-Anne.
Crying, Viola Martin, mother of the murdered Suzette, said that her daughter was her hands and legs, angrily, she vowed revenge.
Sister of the deceased Mishka Martin when speaking about the relationship between Young and her older sister painted a picture of domestic abuse.
“They always finish and get back together, he use to beat she up; pick she up and slam she pon the ground,” said Mishka.
The tragedy reportedly occurred just outside the Park Hill Clinic just after
3.00 a.m. last Sunday morning.