September 17, 2004
Local bar reaching out to Grenadians

The local Bar Association will be reaching out to Grenadians this weekend when a chartered aircraft takes food and medical supplies to the hurricane-ravaged neighbouring island.
President of the Association, Nicole Sylvester told Searchlight Tuesday she was overwhelmed by the lawyers’ forthright approach to the Grenada crisis. {{more}}
“We are taking in supplies of all sorts- water, clothing, medical, food supplies, everything that we know that is necessary; as well as we are going to be flying in hotly-prepared food. We are cooking food so that people can have roast breadfruit and codfish, peleau, baked chicken, we’re going to do like a banana pie, macaroni pie. Early in the morning we are going to do it and we’re going to make sure that when we fly it in it’s going to be warm”.
Sylvester said the Association wants to let them “remember what it is to have a lovely, hot meal” and to take their minds off the corned beef, tuna and sardines they have been consuming since the passage of Hurricane Ivan.
The Association’s president said the food would not be enough to feed the entire population, “but just to know that we can reach some, just a few hundreds out of the thousands, for us it is well worth the effort”.
The flight is expected to leave here around 9.00 a.m. Sunday with three members of the Association.