September 17, 2004

The Times newspaper June 19, 1919

– Hugh Mulzac

“Richard Mulzac of Union Island and his fellow countrymen in St.Vincent will be pleased to learn of the distinction won in the United States by Mr. Hugh Mulzac third son of Mr. Richard Mulzac of Union Island and now a resident of Baltimore, U.S.A. Under the caption of “Wins Signal Honour” A Baltimore paper describes the honour as follows;- {{more}}
“Mr. Hugh Mulzac of 1007 McCulloh Street, just arrived from a trip and was met with hearty congratulations on Monday night, March 17th by a few of his personal friends and school mates namely Mr. Wm. Rose and James Lynch. Mr. Hugh Mulzac is a native of Kingstown, St.Vincent, British West Indies. After meeting with various obstacles he has obtained the distinction of being the only colored man an officer in the U.S Merchant Marine to man any ocean going steamship.”
In offering our congratulations to the Mulzac family on the unique distinction won by a member of the family we venture to say that no one is surprised. Mr. Richard Mulzac, the father of the young master is one of the finest master seamen of the colony and his elder son Mr. John Mulzac the Skipper of the Schooner Columbia is considered to be a leading West Indian ship master. Mr. Hugh Mulzac therefore has only done in America what his relatives are doing in the West Indies; the master certificate which Mr. Hugh Mulzac holds qualifies him to command any steam-ship sailing from the U.S.A.