September 17, 2004
Fluids in short supply

Fluids are in scarce supply in Grenada. Especially water. Ironically, this is so only days after this country had seen an overabundance of the precious liquid spilled when Ivan the Terrible sat over this nation of 90,000 packing winds of over 145 mph in a slow moving north-west trek last Tuesday 7. {{more}}
The storm had left the country’s regular water supply in shambles and one week after Ivan’s passage workers from the water authority had only just begun to reconnect broken water mains. Health officials had begun to express concern about the possibility of disease breaking out from persons drinking contaminated water.
Though relief supplies of bottled water had begun to arrive, the quantities the population would need to provide any level of comfort were far from being met.
For many Grenadians, a shower is now a luxury.
Another liquid that is suddenly in scare supply is fuel for vehicles. We saw many long lines of cars attempting to fill up at the few filling stations in operation.
It was also very noticeable too that the majority of the cars in the queues showed evidence of damaged windscreens or large dents in their frames, the result of flying or falling debris sustained during the storm.