September 10, 2004
Ivan sweeps Rose Place house clean

A Rose Place family was left homeless Tuesday after the storm surge from Hurricane Ivan smashed their one-bedroom plywood house and swept most of it away.
Mother of six-year-old and two-year-old siblings Cennett Williams told Searchlight Wednesday she was alerted by neighbours as the waves began to lash the houses on the beach around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday. {{more}}
“When the water started washing it away I was inside sleeping. The neighbours came and asked me if I didn’t see water carrying away the house. They told me to move out all the things. I got up and moved all the things as the swells took away the house” said Williams.
The mother said she was able to secure most of her furniture and appliances, losing only a mattress. She estimated the cost of damage to be close to $3,000.
The mother of two said neighbours opened an unoccupied house nearby where she slept Tuesday night. She
said Parliamentary Representative for the area Rene Baptiste visited her recently.