September 3, 2004

(September 2, 2004)

“The new motor car recently imported by the Hon’ble C.J. Simmons has been successful tried. The car has ascended Sion Hill with comparative ease, thereby solving a problem that was supposed to be insurmountable. Mr. Simmons is to be congratulated as being the first gentleman to import an automobile.” (The Times, December 11, 1913)

“…The Hon’ble C.J. Simmons motored to Georgetown and back on Wednesday, according to many country residents their first view of a motor car. The journey to Georgetown was performed in 69 minutes, the return trip taking two minutes more, by no means a bad performance taking into account the condition of the roads. After the roads are put in good order, possibly in a few months, a trip to Georgetown will be performed comfortably within the hour.” (The Times, January 1, 1914)