RSS working to improve operation
August 27, 2004
RSS working to improve operation

Plans are in place to restructure the Regional Security System (RSS) here in the OECS.
A press conference on Tuesday was used to highlight areas in which the RSS is working to improve on their overall operation.{{more}}
The RSS, a regional network task force dealing with emergencies and threats to national security for OECS member countries and Barbados, was officially set up in 1982 after the spate of uprisings in the late 70’s. Since then, no real structures had been put in place to combat the increase in modern criminal activities due to enhanced technology and globalization.
The RSS is currently undergoing awareness campaigns in which a review of its operations is being done. While the vast majority of security is oriented towards combating narco-trafficking, there is a new focus on preventing terrorism, alien smuggling and preventing financial crimes.
According to Dominican Police Superintendent, Yvonne Alexander, attached to the Regional Security System, the RSS is facing challenges such as terrorism, and other modern forms of criminal activity.
She said that, because of the changes in the criminal activities these changes require a review of the RSS. “Our countries are faced with the problem of small sizes and not sufficient means to take care of our security,” she stated.
The regional security officer explained that member countries of the RSS rely on external donors to carry out their functions but in order to access these funding proper structures must be put in place showing physical implementation plans.
Consultations are currently taking place after which a report would be made available to regional ministers.
In 1998, the RSS countries received over $1.5 million in counter-narcotics emergency drawdown package of rations, field gear and small arms for police forces.