August 27, 2004
Proactive Intelligence for local agencies

The local Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has hosted a workshop for representatives from regional Financial Intelligence Units, local law enforcement and governmental agencies.
Among the agencies benefiting from the training were the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), Central Intelligence Department (CID), CRO, Narcotics Unit, Special Branch and the International Financial Services Authority – IFSA). {{more}}
The workshop covered ‘Proactive Intelligence Techniques and Support Software’ with facilitators being a Canadian-based group of Intelligence Experts, Magellan Insight Corp, with extensive military, banking and financial experience.
Sharda Bollers, Director of the FIU said the workshop sought “to promote proactive action in the investigation of money laundering and financial crimes regionally and locally, to foster local and regional proactive co-operative action, utilizing the best information technology techniques available.
The Workshop took place at the Sunset Shores Hotel conference room.