August 27, 2004

Children discover history in Diamond Village

“Following Their Footprints: Tracing Our History” was the theme of a camp for children in Diamond Village this past week from August 16 to 20, put on by the Diamonites Community Organization and funded by
the Community Development Division. {{more}}
Thirty-five children from the village, ages 8 to 14, attended the five-day camp where they learned about aspects of Vincentian history from many different sources.
Some of the elders in the village took the time to teach the children through oral history by telling personal memories from when they were children in Diamond Village. They learned about a village hero, Earlene Horne through a presentation by Cecil Ryan. Another resource person was Nzimbu Browne who had the children enthralled by his dynamic lesson on the history of music in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, while on another day they were taken on a field trip to Kingstown for a tour of two very important historic sites, Fort Charlotte and the Botanic Gardens.
The camp concluded on Friday 20, with a lesson on
slavery conducted by Oscar Allen.
A release described the children as being proud of their new knowledge of history at the end of the camp, but also happy about the fun they’d had during the week.