August 20, 2004

Van der Gaag praises PM

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been described by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Maarten M. Van der Gaag, as very charismatic and humane.{{more}}
During a press conference at the conference room of the Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services last Friday Ambassador Van der Gaag said:
“I think that he is extremely forthcoming and has an extremely principled personality; he is a person to whom I feel the greatest sympathy and also admiration.”
The ambassador went on to comment: “I think that within the family of Caribbean countries he symbolizes one of the good men you have in the Caribbean.”
Van der Gaag also described the PM as very open-minded, generous and professional. He said that he is very impressed by the way the PM treated him when he visited with him at the Ministerial Building.
The Ambassador described the Prime Minister’s manner as an “incredible act of treating diplomats in the way they should be treated”.
Van der Gaag, who said he believes in the importance of dialogue, told the gathering he and the PM discussed, among other things, the international criminal court, the state of the economy, and possibilities for cooperation for maritime agreement and globalisation.
“It is important for us as ambassadors to reach out and find means of dialogue; always try to seek dialogue and ways of building bridges,” said Van der Gaag, who is very interested in the integration process.
He also presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne.
Van der Gaag is accredited to the member states of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States and Barbados. He also represents Caricom for the Netherlands. He was accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Andre Verkade.