Kristobel lashes out at local DJs
August 20, 2004
Kristobel lashes out at local DJs

Singer and songwriter Kristobel Trimmingham is upset with disc jockeys at radio stations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who promised to play her music and have failed to do so.{{more}}
Trimmingham, who resides in the United Kingdom, told SEARCHLIGHT she was promised airtime for her new album “Beautiful St. Vincent”, a compilation of four gospel and two semi-secular songs. Trimmingham laments that to date her music has only been played on NICE Radio.
Feeling distressed and betrayed, Trimmingham said she encountered the same experience in 2002 when she approached the radio stations.
Trimmingham said she is always told by the DJs that her sounds are great – only to have them not played.
“I want to know why there is so much prejudice against the foreign-based artistes. All I want to do is propagate the name of the Lord,” Trimmingham emphasized.
“There has to be some sort of hidden agenda that I do not know about. I have found the disc jockeys discriminating, pretentious, rude, false and disrespectful,” Trimmingham stressed.
“I’m just asking to live and let live. Respect is a common courtesy applied when dealing with another human being. I do not have the God-given right to have my music played, but just have a little respect,” said Trimmingham.
Trimmingham, who said she has been singing since the 1960s, stressed that people shouldn’t feel “they are too high and mighty to pay a little respect” by playing her music, which is all about paying tribute to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.