August 13, 2004
Sudan faces new atrocity charges

Darfur has been described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis
Pro-government militias in Sudan are still attacking civilians despite pledges by Khartoum to end the violence, a human rights group says.
A report by the US-based group Human Rights Watch details recent cases of rape and assault in the Darfur region.{{more}}
Up to 50,000 residents have been killed and many more driven from their homes.
The UN also accused the government of using helicopter gunships in Darfur. Sudan denies the charges and insists it is improving security in the region.
The accusations of fresh atrocities come as a senior UN official begins a visit to Sudan’s neighbour, Chad, amid concerns about 200,000 Sudanese refugees there.
Khartoum has been accused of supporting Janjaweed and other Arab militias blamed for widespread atrocities in the fight against rebels in Darfur.
The UN Security Council last month approved a resolution urging Sudan to put a stop to the violence by the end of August.
The government says it has sent thousands of extra troops to Darfur in an effort to rein in militiamen and protect civilians.