Educator lauds government for new moves in education
August 13, 2004
Educator lauds government for new moves in education

One of this country’s educators living in the Diaspora has congratulated the Government for its philosophy of universal education.{{more}}
Dr. Norma Peters who left the state on Friday, August 6, after a four week vacation, lauded the Government in an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT for its emphasis on guaranteeing secondary education for students that did not pass the Common Entrance Examination.
She said: “Every person in this world needs an opportunity and I’m pleased the Common Entrance children that did not pass are given another chance”.
Thirty-six years ago, Dr. Peters, who originated from O’Briens Valley migrated to Montreal, Canada, where she explored newer horizons.
When she left St. Vincent and the Grenadines she had already established a foundation in the field of education, which she easily used as a stepping stone in Canada.
After completing her primary school education, Dr. Peters enrolled in the teachers’ programme and had the opportunity to teach at a number of primary schools, namely the Georgetown Government, Dickson Methodist, New Grounds Methodist and Biabou Methodist.
With a burning desire to pursue a career in education and with her love for children, Dr.Peters had to meet the demands of the Canadian system, which required a first degree if one were to continue in the field. To do so, she set about doing a Bachelor of Arts at Concordia University. And, as if having an unquenchable thirst for more education, she successfully completed a certificate in education at the same university.
Dr. Peters, the daughter of Minella ‘Nel’ Peters, enhanced her education by pursuing a Masters in Education before completing a certificate in Special Education at McGill. She successfully completed her doctorate at Pacific Western University.
For the past 10 years Dr. Peters has served as a staff assistant at the Cecil Newman Elementary. This she did on purpose. Not that she could not have received an administrative job, but she chose the former because of her love for children.
“I taught adult education but I love the elementary children. You manage them better and see them progress,” Dr. Peters emphasized.
Dr. Peters is the mother of one child, Ronald Peters, a journalist in California who has had the opportunity to work for CNN and FOX and is now employed at CBS.
Like several other Vincentians living in the Diaspora, Dr. Peters’ elevation in the Canadian Educational System has not been a bed of roses. She spoke of having to overcome the issue of discrimination because of the colour of her skin before getting to where she is today.