New home for Barrouallie Co-operative
July 23, 2004
New home for Barrouallie Co-operative

The Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union Headquarters can now boast of having a house of its own.
On Sunday July 11, 2004, the credit union celebrated a milestone achievement when it officially opened the doors of the Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union Headquarters. {{more}}
The organization, intent on providing service for members of the community, purchased the piece of land on which the building is erected on November 30, 1993. As a result, at one stage there were plans to put down a gas station. Subsequently this idea changed and concentration centred around a bakery and a supermarket. Feasibility studies were done and these suggestions were thrown out of the window.
Finally the Credit Union decided that the administrative headquarters was the most appropriate structure to erect.
A building committee ably headed by Brenford Findlay was set up to take care of the day to day operations. There was no need to give out a contract; instead Sylvan Bulze, a Director and a recognized builder in the community was hired on a daily basis to do the work. Credit Union members were given the first preference as employees. Alston Anderson another member of the management team was responsible for the electrical wiring. This resulted in a beautiful spacious building which now houses the headquarters.
In the latter half of the 1950s Robert Slater the credit union’s first president returned from Aruba. He brought with him new ideas about the cooperative movement. These ideas he was able to share with members of the community who were already engaged in Su Su and swap labour. He along with some other concerned members of the community ‘knocked heads together’ and came up with the Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union, which was registered on December 12, 1958.
This credit union catered for the needs of the Barrouallie community as the boundary was a two miles radius. Presently the membership includes residents of Spring Village, Chateaubelair, Layou, Rose Hall, Petit Bordel and Bequia.
The present Board of Directors comprises of Montie Chambers, President, Gilbert Frederick, Vice President, Brenford Findlay, Treasurer, Dennis Scrubb, Secretary and Deslon Patrick, Director.