Dr. Dougan is back
July 23, 2004

Dr. Dougan is back

Dr. Hughes Dougan, one of the best medical practitioners produced by St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is back.
At present he is serving a two-year contract at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital as a consultant general surgeon.{{more}}
With 32 years experience in the field of medicine, 29 of which he spent practising in the United States, Dr. Dougan felt the time had come for him to return to his homeland.
“I felt that urge to return home. I felt that I could render some service,” Dr. Dougan told SEARCHLIGHT in an exclusive interview on Monday afternoon. He added, “There is a deep sense – not necessarily giving back – but rendering a service.”
On August 1, 1972 Dr. Dougan graduated from the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. And for one year he had the opportunity to enhance his skills while working as Dr. Cecil Cyrus’ protégé.
“Dr. Cyrus has had the most profound influence on my career,” said Dr. Dougan while explaining it was the passionate stories told about Dr. Cyrus by his father that inspired him to pursue a career in the field of medicine.
In 1975 Dr. Dougan migrated to the United States, and did his general surgery training and practice of surgery at Morris Town Memorial Hospital.
Having the distinct honour of being a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Dougan on four occasions was chosen by his peers as the doctor they would recommend if they or their family needed general surgery.
On June 19th, five months after returning to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Morris Town Memorial Hospital initiated the Hughes D. Dougan M.D. Award, which will be presented to the resident selected by his peers who exemplifies those qualities of devotion to patient care, attention to detail and excellence of surgical technique embodied by Dr. Dougan.
Dr. Dougan, the husband of Elaine and father of two sons Khari and Donyo, was given as a gift several pieces of equipment and hospital supplies by Morris Town Memorial Hospital.
Very soon Dr. Dougan, who operates at the Arnos Vale Medical Centre, will conduct laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.
“I have most of the equipment and we should get going sometime in August,” Dr. Dougan disclosed.
“Since I’ve been back I enjoy most of my time in the clinic at the hospital. I love being with my people, I enjoy being home and I plan on staying.”