Pastor: Don’t limit progress
July 9, 2004

Pastor: Don’t limit progress

Graduating students of the St. Martin’s Secondary School have been told not to let family background limit their pursuit of success.
This positive message came from former teacher Pastor Cecil Richards as he delivered the feature address at the school’s 2004 graduation ceremony Monday. {{more}}Pastor Richards attempted to show the 51 graduating students that the circumstances of their environment must not limit their progress in life.
The former St. Martin’s Secondary School teacher was at pains to point out that often environment becomes not only a shaping, but a limiting, factor for many persons in society as he exhorted the students to strive to overcome stumbling blocks in their lives.
Pastor Richards struck a responsive chord with the packed Cathedral of the Assumption when he referred to the system of “crabology” where people pull each other down to deter others from succeeding. He earlier had hit the same note when he told the amusing story of the donkey in a well who kept shaking off dirt that was being thrown at him while using that same dirt to rise out of the well.
He illustrated that in this country the majority of workers do not pay taxes since their per capita income does not even take them into the tax bracket. The pastor exhorted the students to inspire themselves to greater possiblities by adopting inspiring role models. He then went on to illustrate using the examples of some former St. Martin’s graduates who have become prominent in varying spheres of life including sportpersons Cameron Cuffy and Esslworth Coombs among others.
Richards continued to emphasize his central message that “With God all things are possible.”
He sought to drive home the point that “to pursue your possiblities you must conquer your fears” such as the fear of criticism..
The graduation exercise saw some sixty one student receive certificates from SallyAnn Lady Ballanyne, wife of Governor General Sir Frederick Ballanyne who was also present at the activity.
The principal’s report was presented by Gregory Sakar while the valedictorian was Colin Sutherland.