Last call for Logos II
July 9, 2004
Last call for Logos II

Vincentians will get the final opportunity to visit the world’s second largest floating book fair, MV Logos II this August.
The vessel, which has been operated by Educational Book Exhibits Limited since 1989 and which has attracted thousands of Vincentians on a number of visits, is expected to make its last call to this country when it arrives at Port Kingstown on August 18. {{more}}
During its 14-day visit here, the book fair will accommodate the public on various days. At the end of its visit on September 1, the vessel is expected to depart for Trinidad and Tobago for a 17-day visit. It is scheduled to leave for the twin-island Republic on October 19.
At the end of this final Caribbean visit the MV Logos II, will be replaced by the MV Logos Hope which is expected to be the world’s largest floating book fair.
The MV Logos II, which last visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines from March 6 – March 18, 2002, has an all-volunteer, international crew of 200 Christians representing over 40 different nations. It offers over 4,000 different book titles including subject areas such as philosophy, religion, science, technology, sports, cookery, arts and marketing.
Educational Book Exhibits Limited plans to launch Logos Hope in 2005. The vessel, purchased as the Narrona I in March for 3.6 million Euros, will undergo significant renovation and refitting over the coming months to equip it for its new role. It will be equipped with modernized conference facilities, including specially designed sound, lighting and projection systems. The newly designed indoor book fair will also have quality cabins which will be fitted for 350 crew and 150 guests, and air-conditioning, fire alarm and sprinkler systems will be fitted or upgraded.
According to Director Lloyd Nicholas, the Logos Hope Project is “the culmination of two years planning for the replacement of our present ship LOGOS II. With more than half a million visitors every year to Logos II, the vessel has simply outlived her ability to meet the increasing needs and opportunities we face every day in ports around the world.” HIV/AIDS seminars onboard, and teams visiting schools, prisons and orphanages, are some of the many activities in the different ports we visit, he said. Daily, thousands of people queue to visit the floating book fair. “LOGOS HOPE, a much bigger ship, will allow us to do so much more.”
Nicholas’ comments followed the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement to purchase the Narrona I.