June 25, 2004
Digicel launches Electronic top-up

Prepaid cell phone users now have a choice in how they purchase top-up credit.
Last Tuesday at Sunset Shores in Villa, Digicel launched its electronic top up service.
Digicel has signed an agreement with Advanced Business Systems Inc. (ABS) for the distribution of their prepaid top-up service, called Flex-e-cards.{{more}}
This service will allow Digicel customers to top-up their prepaid cellular service at selected outlets island-wide via Q-Point electronic terminals in addition to purchasing the traditional plastic top-up cards.
From July 1 customers can simply call into any outlet that displays the Q-Point sign or “Flex-e-card Available Here”, pay for the amount of credit they require and automatically a receipt will be printed with their top-up voucher number. Once the customer enters the voucher number into their phone, their account is immediately topped up.
Q-Point is a service brand being developed by ABS to facilitate the distribution of products and services, which can be delivered electronically to consumers. Digicel’s prepaid cards, or Flex-e-vouchers, is the first of these products being made available at Q-Point terminals.
The service eliminates the need for retailers to stockpile phone cards or avoid situations where certain denominations run out. President of ABS, Tony Del Castilho, said: “The major benefit of the system for merchants is they will no longer lose sales due to out-of-stock situations since the e-cards are downloaded to the Q-Point terminal on demand. In addition, it will remove the potential losses due to card theft, and the cost associated with securing the physical cards.”
Digicel’s CEO, Kevin White said the availability of their Flex-e vouchers via the Q-Point service would bring a new level of convenience to Digicel customers in St. Vincent.
He added, “Digicel is committed to bringing new technological advancements to St. Vincent by offering customers greater choice and a higher quality service at more competitive prices.” In signing the agreement, Digicel becomes the first cellular provider to deliver electronic prepaid top-up services to customers in St. Vincent.