June 11, 2004
Layou Government School gets Intercom

The Layou Government School has received a new intercom system.
The gift was obtained through the combined efforts of His Excellency The Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Fr. Alrick Skerritte and his wife , Layou-born Yvonne Walker Andrews and Dwight Walker who both now reside in New York and Canada based Norma Cambridge Davis. {{more}}
The new system was installed on June 1 and will help to enhance the school’s Literacy Hour, develop the students listening skills and make daily communication throughout the school more easily accessible.
Principal Sonia Nanton expressed the gratitude of the staff and students of the Layou Government School to the donors for making this venture possible.
She also recognized the benovelence of Williams Electronics for installing and providing Pyramid brand accessories free of cost.
The total cost of the equipment is $5,256.