May 28, 2004

You have been called to service-Straker

Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker has told graduating caregivers that they have been called to service and that it is the most important feature of the job.
He said that most of the participants begin with lofty ideals of service; however, some are just hirelings, waiting for the end of the month. He therefore cautioned those who come into the programme that it’s not just a job, as they will be working with the persons most in need in our society.{{more}}
Minister Straker said that abuse of our senior citizens is a social problem and like the speakers before him he urged the participants in the programme to have patience with and to love the elderly. He went on to say that every act of brutality done to our senior citizens would not go unpaid.
The Minister said that the activity centres being built would also act as a home for those family members burdened with caring for the loved ones and needing a vacation. He said that for every kindness done to our senior citizens we help in the caring of our elderly.
One of the participants in the programme, Delcina Barker, gave the valedictory speech outlining the tremendous benefits that they have received from entering the programme.
Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves distributed the certificates to the graduates.
There were 34 participants in the programme, which lasted 12 weeks. There are now a total number of 77 home-help providers in SVG.