Vicious conductor robbed at gunpoint
May 28, 2004
Vicious conductor robbed at gunpoint

The conductor of the van “Vicious” had a close brush with death last week Thursday evening when he was robbed at gunpoint.
The van was travelling from Kingstown towards the Ratho Mill area when three men under an umbrella stopped the van.{{more}}
Recalling the horrifying experience, 23-year-old Kendal Baxter told SEARCHLIGHT: “The driver stopped. Three guys walked towards the van with the umbrella and in a few seconds three men attacked me, one with a double mouth shotgun.
“The one with the gun held it to my chest while one grabbed the purse and ran,” said Baxter. The stunned Baxter claims the men did not say anything to him.
One of the robbers was wearing a wig and another a red ski mask, said Baxter. One man simply held the umbrella.
Baxter said he was very scared and it was the first time he was robbed. The police are investigating the matter.
Earlier this year Ronnie Nichols, the owner of Vicious, suffered losses on another of his mini-vans when a woman allegedly stole the day’s cash from the wallet.