Taiwan thanks SVG for support at the WHO
May 28, 2004
Taiwan thanks SVG for support at the WHO

Taiwan is deeply appreciative to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for supporting its failed bid to join the World Health Organization (WHO), in Geneva on Monday, May 17.
The country’s gratitude was expressed by President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Chen Shiu-bian to Governor General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, during a courtesy call by Sir Frederick on the President on Wednesday, May 19.{{more}}
According to the President, “We are still fighting relentlessly to join the WHO. Last year’s outbreak of the SARS epidemic has taught the world a hard lesson, that we are all equals in sickness and disease. Nevertheless, despite the WHO’s creed that healthcare – encompassing medicine, public health and disease control – is a basic human right and should heed no borders, Taiwan remains unjustly locked out.”
Taiwan had applied for observer status at WHO as a “health entity” instead of a country, claiming a link with the UN agency would help it battle outbreaks like last year’s SARS epidemic.
This is the 8th consecutive year that Taiwan has failed to gain entry to the international organization.
WHO member states voted 133 to 25 to uphold an earlier recommendation from the procedural committee rejecting a debate on the issue. Included among the countries that voted in favour of Taiwan’s membership were the United States, Japan and Taiwan’s allies in Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean. Taiwan lost membership of the WHO in 1972, a year after it lost its UN seat to China.