May 28, 2004
National Properties has potential

The National Properties Limited has the potential of being one of the most wealthy and influential entities here.
That’s how Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves sees it. He was speaking last Wednesday at Cabinet Room on developments surrounding a building in an area known as Reigate. {{more}}
If things go according to plans, construction ought to start September this year.
It will be three-storeys and Architect Moulton Mayers boasted of under ground parking incorporated in the structure. It will have space for the National Commercial Bank and the St. Vincent Development Bank, ECCB, Minister of Legal Affairs and the Attorney General’s Chambers.
Mayers outlined aspects of the building, designed with the nearby Carnegie Library providing inspiration for the creation.
He pointed out that it would complement the environment, including the waterway, and the adjoining Heritage Square.
Chairman of the National Properties Limited Victor Hadley signed the agreement along with Mayers. The building is expected to cost $10M.